Dr. Feigenbaum

 I am a Lecturer at Bournemouth University. I joined the Media School team this spring after a year as a fellow at the Rutgers Center for Historical Research.  I received my PhD in Communication Studies from McGill University in Montreal and previously worked as a post-doctoral LSE Fellow in the department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

I have taught internationally, offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate modules on visual culture, digital technologies, mass media, consumerism, gender, social movements, and research methods at Rutgers UniversityRichmond University,  McGill University, Binghamton University (SUNY) and the LSE . My research on teaching has been published in The Media Education Rsearch Journal, The Review of Education, Pedagogy and Cultural Studies and the McGill Centre for Research and Teaching on Women Newsletter. I am also a trained workshop facilitator and community educator and enjoy leading interactive sessions on pedagogy, collaboration and learning innovation. I have previously held workshops across Europe and North America at institutions including University of Grenada, Rutgers University, and the University of Amsterdam.

I am currently an Associate and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. From March 2010-March 2011 I conducted an HEA-ADM funded research project with Dr. Mehita Iqani on “Quality Enhancement and Prospective Quality Assurance through Teaching Exchange workshops in Media and Communications” that designed and tested a collaboratively-driven and faculty led, alternative model for insuring and enhancing teaching and learning quality. An active participant in teacher development and learning innovation, I have undertaken safe space  and advanced facilitation training.

Publications on Teaching & Learning

(under revision) Mehita Iqani & Anna Feigenbaum. “The (inter)disciplinarity of media studies: Pedagogical challenges and opportunities from the perspective of teaching staff”.

Feigenbaum, Anna & Mehita Iqani. “Quality after the Cuts? Higher Education practitioners’ accounts of systemic challenges to teaching quality in times of ‘austerity’” forthcoming Journal of Further and Higher Education 

Feigenbaum, Anna. (2011) “We-Thinking the Classroom: Using Open Source Principles in HE Course Design,” Media Education Research Journal, 02:02, pp. 26-41.

Feigenbaum, Anna & Mehita Iqani (2011) A Handbook for Teaching Exchange Workshops available at http://www.adm.heacademy.ac.uk/library/files/networks-online/networks-autumn-2011/final-report-feigenbaum-iqani.pdf

Heckert, Jamie, Anna Feigenbaum and Anja Kanngieser (2010). “The antagonistic university? A conversation on cuts, conviviality and capitalism.” Sociological Imagination. Sociological imagination.org. (10 Dec 2010).  Available at http://sociologicalimagination.org/ archives/author/jheckert.

Feigenbaum, Anna. (2007) “The Teachable Moment: Feminist Pedagogy and the Neoliberal Classroom.” The Review of Education, Pedagogy and Cultural Studies, 29:4, pp. 337 – 349.

Presentations on Teaching & Learning

w/ Mehita Iqani “Interdisciplinary in times of Austerity” MeCCSA 2013, (Derry, Ireland) January 8-10, 2013 *winner of the Best Pedagogy Paper HEA/MeCCSA Award*

“The Podcase Project: Reflections on integrating ‘old’ and ‘new’ media techniques in team-based collaborative learning” Exploring Collaborative Learning in Media Studies Programmes. University of Winchester, May 3, 2012

w/ Mehita Iqani “Quality after the Cuts? Negotiating Structural Constraints on Media and Communications Pedagogy,” Art, Design and Media Creative Learning and Teaching Day, Ravensbourne (London, UK) November 28, 2011

w/ Mehita Iqani “Best-practice pedagogy in media and communications: the quality assurance potential of teaching exchange workshops,” Higher Education Academy-ADM Annual Forum 2011, RIBA (London, UK) May 18 2011

“We-thinking the Classroom at Richmond,” Pedagogies Conference, Richmond University (London, UK) February 25, 2011

 “Grassroots QAA: Becoming better teachers through the knowledge in the room,” Educational Spaces of Alterity, Nottingham University (Nottingham, UK) April 27, 2011

 “We-thinking the Classroom: Using Open Source Principles in Course Design,” Media Education Summit, Centre for Excellence in Media Practice (CEMP), Birmingham City University (Birmingham, UK) September 8, 2010

Coordinator, “Teaching in a Time of War,” RadGrad, McGill University (Montreal, Canada) September 20, 2006

Coordinator, “Teaching Against Gender Oppression: Tools for T.A.s,” RadGrad, McGill University (Montreal, Canada) September 8, 2005



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